Do I Need to Change My Makeup When I Change My Hair Color?

If you’re trying out the gray “granny hair” fad, ( mink lash vendors) going darker for fall, or you’ve made another hair color change, you may notice some unanticipated side effects. When you change your hair color or cut, you’re changing one of your most noticeable physical attributes. Hair color can alter the way certain colors look on your skin and your body, making it necessary to consider a 3d mink eyelash extensions update to go along with your new hair.

 3d mink eyelash extensions
3d mink eyelash extensions

Knowing which makeup colors will complement your skin tone, eye color, and new hair color when you make the change can help you make the right choice. Having the complete look after a hair color change can make the experience that much more rewarding, and it can give you a boost of confidence to really rock your new style.

Base Colors

You may not need to change your foundation with a new hair color. Your foundation should match your natural skin tone for seamless blending. However, you may want to add or change up your bronzer routine. If you are going blonde after being a brunette, a warmer bronzer color adds new dimensions to your look, preventing the often feared “washed out” look.

For blushes, you may be able to stick with your previous colors unless you’ve dyed your hair red or another bold color. Apricots and brownish pinks give redheads a warm glow without clashing with red hair tints.

Eyes and Lips

Unlike your foundation, bronzer, and blush, 3d mink eyelash extensions artists today favor a range of colors and shades for many different hair styles, colors, and complexions. Redheads can wear red lipstick. Nude lipstick works great for any hair color. Depending on the time of day, your mood, and the event, you can even change your eye shadows and liners to match the occasion. The only rule of thumb with eyes is that lighter hair colors may not need the same bold lines and colors to stand out on the face.

Finding the Right Colors

You could read articles all day about how to match complementary colors for skin tones, face shapes and hair and eye color. In reality, you might have to try a few different shades and makeup types to find what makes you feel your best. Instead of spending 30 minutes in the makeup aisle of a big box store, take the time to go sit at a beauty counter and listen to a professional’s recommendations.

Makeup artists work with different skin tones and colors day in and day out, so they can talk with you for a few minutes and find the right product to match your needs. You’ll also benefit from trying on the 3d mink eyelash extensions  before committing to a major purchase.

 3d mink eyelash extensions
3d mink eyelash extensions

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