Tough Economic Times – A Golden Spiritual Opportunity

I just hate it when people tell me every cloud has its silver lining, and that the best time to make lemonade is while life is handing you 3d mink pro eyelashes. “Glass-half-full” people are hard to tolerate when I’m in pain, and their pithy clichés–so abundant during crises–make me want to strike while the iron is hot. Literally.

Good thing I’m not one of those perpetually optimistic people.


And yet bhhair

I’ve grown tired of hitting my head up against brick walls, of going through hard times with nothing to show from it but a bruised forehead and an increased need for Botox. When I’ve been put through the wringer, just once I’d like to still have my mascara attached to my 3d mink pro eyelashes and my shoes on the right feet. Even more, I’d like to avoid that horrible moment of having to survey-when the dust settles–the collateral damage of my RESPONSE to the wringer.

The great thinker Napoleon Hill said that “every adversity carries within it the seeds of an opposite and equal advantage.” Maybe the people who survive and even thrive during tough times are those who stop stressing about the difficulty and start looking for the seeds in the silver lining of the 3d mink pro eyelashes peel.

If I was a financial guru, I might be able to tell you about all the market secrets or entrepreneurial opportunities available during a recession, but I’m not. I’m as much a victim of the recession as you are. What I do know, however, is that whenever I go through difficulties, things come to the surface in me that I normally can almost believe I don’t have in me. It’s even worse when I go through a parade of difficulties (a.k.a. “When it rains, it pours”). That’s when I can be shocked at the things that come out of me: rage at a puppy, 3d mink pro eyelashes over a broken curling iron, a three-day nap over a needed transmission job. (Hypothetically speaking, of course.)

We may have prided ourselves on our cucumber-esque coolness regarding the economic downturn while we still had our 401-ks and our Dave Ramsey-recommended six months living expenses in the bank, but as we see them dwindling and everything else rising, only then can we know our true 3d mink pro eyelashes with financial security, materialism, and status. Only then can we know our true trust level in God’s provision for us. After all, deep faith is not even possible as long as anything is supporting us.


Worrying won’t add one hour to our lives (Matthew 6:25-34) or one dollar to our bank balances. What If we could see that our worry and fear are here to show us that our dependence is not on God? What if we could make the conscious decision to trust His promise that “all things work 3d mink pro eyelashes for good, to those who love the Lord” (Romans 8:28)? Maybe we would emerge on the other side of this recession with a higher spiritual awareness, even if our bank accounts have forgotten what the word “higher” means. Maybe we could say, as yoga teacher Larry Payne said, “Living the resurrection life, I have discovered that nothing is a grave situation.”

At least that’s what a “glass-full” person who knows a lot of clichés (and Jesus) would tell you.


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