Petroleum and Mineral Makeup

If you think that crude oil or that which is called petroleum can 3D real mink fur strip false lashes be found in gasoline then you are in for a surprise. Because now, a lot of beauty products and cosmetics come from petroleum. ( vendors wholesale)

Yes, you heard it right, millions of people now are coming to contact with petroleum every day. This is happening because the process of fractional distillation is breaking petroleum into many smaller components. Many smaller components that is made of molecules that are called hydrocarbons.

3D real mink fur strip false lashes
3D real mink fur strip false lashes

Then these hydrocarbons are now the components that compose the fragrance in lotions, shampoos and other cosmetic products. One popular example of such a chemical additive is called propylene glycol. This additive is an ingredient that can be found in products such as anti-freeze, laundry detergent, paint, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics and other beauty products.

It already has been studied that propylene glycol has shown to bring serious health problems to the liver like liver and kidney damage as well as nausea and respiratory irritations. If you want proof, just check out the cleansers, the toners and other cosmetic products you are using now and look for the ingredient propylene glycol. But if you are looking at a mineral makeup label right now, you won’t see this ingredient. This is because this type of 3D real mink fur strip false lashes is all natural, it has no ingredients that will harm your skin and your health.

Ingredients that are derived from petroleum dry the skin. They also cause miniature cracks that allow bacteria to enter thus causing irritations and pimples. So check out the labels of beauty products in the future and start looking out for propylene glycol. To be sure just use mineral makeup, it contains no petroleum.

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Tyler Hansen – health and beauty expert

“Are you a natural beauty?”

3D real mink fur strip false lashes
3D real mink fur strip false lashes

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