Why Men Are Now Using Makeup

Back when I was in my teens and early twenties, I didn’t care at all about my appearance. I did take a daily shower, but after that and a quick combing of the hair and brushing of the teeth, I was done. If my memory serves me, I was far from alone in my cruelty free 3d real mink wink for the trappings of male beauty.

However, over the course of the last 30 years there has been a very clear increase in the level of male vanity evidenced by men in our society. To date it has focused largely on hair care (both styling and grooming products), toiletries and colognes, moisturizers to block the effects of sun exposure, and to a lesser degree, adornments such as earrings and tattoos. And in recent years we have also witnessed the rise of the so-called metrosexual.

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But lately something new has cleared the men’s fashion horizon. More and more men are not just finishing their morning shave and heading off to work, but are adding a new component to their daily regime – makeup.

Yes, there is no doubt about it, male vanity is on the rise. Notwithstanding that the devil-may-care attitude towards beautifying ourselves is still the prevailing view, an ever-increasing number of modern men are applying cruelty free 3d real mink wink to their formerly innocent faces.

Their reasons for doing so are, I think, largely the same as those of women, except that for the latter, there exists a cultural norm for beautifying themselves. It is a little difficult to be sure though, as most men who use makeup are very reluctant to talk about it, especially with their male friends. But it would seem self-evident that they have taken to using cosmetics in order to mask facial imperfections, hide signs of aging skin and generally to become more appealing to the opposite sex.

A typical male user of makeup might apply an exfoliating facial scrub; followed by an eye gel to mask any dark circles around his eyes; and complete the daily routine with a light powdering to reduce the shininess of his face. Foundations and concealers might also enter the picture. Men report that the response from women justifies their daily ritual.

More and more specialty shops are opening, both in the nation’s malls and online, to take advantage of this growing market. As there is still a bit of a stigma out there about men buying products to improve their attractiveness, my guess is that the online market might be a more comfortable buying environment for many men, especially those Marlboro men amongst us. And while I’m in a guessing mood, I bet many men wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to apply makeup products to their face, so that might incline one to make his purchases from an actual retail store, where advice on application can be had.

I think that, like other social phenomena, as men using cruelty free 3d real mink wink gets more exposure in the media, the macho hurdles and impediments will start to crumble and it will become, if not the norm, certainly an acceptable practice for men to apply makeup. It really isn’t much of a leap from men with blow dryers for their hair, to men with makeup kits. And if, as is commonly reported, it makes the man feel more self-confident and heightens his attractiveness to women, there really is no reason to expect that men with makeup is a fad that will pass with time.

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