Expressive Eyes, Dramatic Eyes

Eyes can be made to express a lot about ourselves. Women are able to convey subtle messages through eyes. This is achieved by putting on make up and resorting to various make up techniques. One of the looks that women want to achieve is the dramatic eyelash packaging russian. These eyes are smoky eyes that express drama and mystery. Eyes like these are always alluring.

To get dramatic eyes, you should get darker make up that you usually eyelash packaging russian. You will need eye pencil, light and dark colored eye shadow, and black, purple or blue mascara will work fine. You will also need eye make up brushes.

eyelash packaging russian
eyelash packaging russian

As for the bhhair , make sure that it is appropriate for your eye color. It does not always have to be in black. Eyeliners may come in the color of brown, navy or charcoal. For brown eyes, try brown and plum shades. For dramatic eyes, it is better to use liquid eyeliners because they give more drama to the eyes. If you will use pencil eyeliner, it will only give a soft definition of the eyes.

After gathering all these materials for dramatic eyes, you need to start with your eyebrows. If you have naturally dark eyebrows, try to shape your eyebrows to compliment your face. This means that your eyebrow should look natural and symmetrical. If your eyebrows are in a lighter shade, color your eyebrows a shade darker your natural color.

The next step for dramatic eyes is to apply eye shadow. To apply eyelash packaging russian, you need to start with your eyelash packaging russian line then go up to the base of your eyebrow. Try out light pink or gold/brown. Colors for eyelash packaging russian are greatly dependent on your complexion and eye color. After applying a light colored eye shadow, get a darker shade. Apply it in the crease of your eye lids. By doing this, you are opening up your eyes to make them look bigger than they really are.

The next step to get dramatic eyes is to apply the eyeliner. If you are using pencil eyeliner, sharpen your eyeliner first because it is better to start with fine lines and add more volume to it, rather than start thick and tying to erase what you already put in your face. Get your eyeliner and apply it on the upper lashes. Try to make thin line. Apply the eyeliner away from the inner corner outward when you get to the bottom of your lashes, make sure that the lines won’t touch because if they do, your eyes will shrink instead of being enlarged. You will look cat like or look like a teenager who is into emo. Apply mascara on your lashes.

eyelash packaging russian
eyelash packaging russian

Always remember that there are different looks for different occasions. Dramatic eyes are not appropriate for day activities like weddings. Dramatic eyes are best for night time occasions. Make sure that not only would your make up match the occasion but it should also match your perfect outfit.

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