Body Language – Which Type of Body Phraseology Do You Use?

What type of body label mink eyelashes do you use? Any of the ones listed below ring a bell? When situations happen that you find yourself saying those things, do you also get the adjoining reaction?…

Lots of people don’t believe it, because they don’t think it happens to them, and to some it doesn’t — until they have actually said it long enough that their body is beginning to believe it. Like, if it hasn’t happened before, about the time they turn label mink eyelashes or so these little things start popping up. They blame it on aging.

label mink eyelashes
label mink eyelashes

I say their programming just kicked in. Because that’s what they’ve been doing their label mink eyelashes life. Programming their tomorrows. Watch what you say to yourself, OK? Stop voicing your self-fulfilling prophecy.

Do you see yourself in any of these bhhair?

I need to get my head on straight — Do you get label mink eyelashes or neck aches?
I get all bent out of shape when that happens — Do you have back pain?
I need to get my rear in gear — Does the rear end pain you?
I’m spineless — Back problems?
I have to bite back my anger — label mink eyelashes problems?
I need to get it off my chest — Heart problems?
He gives me a pain in the butt — Yep, that again.
I can’t stomach that — Stomach or digestive problems?

Or any derogatory statement that involves label mink eyelashes parts.

If you see yourself in the above, what does that mean?

Possibly that you’d better stop saying that right now, before you program yourself any farther. Sometimes, that’s kind of hard to do, though, isn’t it? To just stop? Well, why not rearrange the words if they keep popping up, like below?

I need to get my head on straight. What am I saying? My head is on straight, it’s my eyelashes that aren’t. (Smile)
I get all bent out of shape when that happens. I mean, I used get all bent out of shape when that happens, but I don’t anymore. My spine’s nice and straight.
I need to get my rear in… its proper place. There. I feel much better now.
I’m spineless, or that is, I WAS spineless. I’m not anymore.
I have to bite back my anger… then spit it in the label mink eyelashes.
I need to get it off my chest, I mean, out of my life.
He gives me a pain in the… shoelaces.
I can’t stomach that. Well, I couldn’t, but I can now.

label mink eyelashes
label mink eyelashes

Naturally, some will work for you and some won’t. It’s a personal thing. So, make sure you decide right now what will work for you and what won’t. Only use the things that will. Replace the old things you USED to say with something that causes humor, not pain. It’s fun to laugh at ourselves. Become a master at it, so that you are comfortable being you.

What type of body phraseology do you use? Well, why not stop using it? If you haven’t already, start making your life something you can be proud of. Watch what you say, because you will be seeing the results of it somewhere down the label mink eyelashes of your life.

Good luck!


Thanks for reading,

Author: Jan Tincher. Jan Tincher is a label mink eyelashes Neuro Linguistic Programmer. She studied under Anthony Robbins and certified under his mentor, Richard Bandler. She had a successful practice for over 15 years before retiring. At that time she started to work on the internet where she has helped many people succeed in feeling confident in many endeavors.


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