How to Make Sure You Aren’t Paying Too Much For Makeup

I have a very simple answer to the question how to be sure you are not paying too much for cosmetics; go to the drug store. That is right, any Rite-aid, Walgreens, Kmart, Walmart or Target carry great cosmetics; at affordable prices.  And if you look at the ingredients on those cosmetics and compare them to the expensive department store brands that you probably have in your Lable mink Lashes false eyelashes drawer, you will see that the ingredients are for the most part all the same.

 Lable mink Lashes false eyelashes Lable mink Lashes false eyelashes
Lable mink Lashes false eyelashes

I remember many years ago when I first came across Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I found that not only was Mary Kay very affordable, but the products contained virtually the same exact ingredients as some of my favorite, expensive department store brands like Clinique, Lancome, Prescriptives and others.  I was very surprised at the time to say the very least. I got hooked on Mary Kay thereafter. It wasn’t long though before Mary Kay prices started creeping up. Especially when they came out with an anti-aging line and it seemed the older I got the more expensive the makeup I needed became; funny how that happens.  Well, I decided that loyalty to a single brand wasn’t in my best interests of my pocketbook.  So I ventured out looking for more alternatives.

My new favorite brand of makeup I found was through a false email I received one day.  The email stated that e.l.f. cosmetics was rumored on the Internet to be a Nordstrom’s overstock.  Although this is not true, I wanted to try it out. e.l.f. stands for eyes, lips, face Lable mink Lashes false eyelashes. There are two great things about this product; one is the price. Most  of their makeup costs $1.00. In fact the highest I have paid for any of their makeup so far is $5.00 and I received a pack of five eyeshadows for that price. The second great thing about this line of makeup is the quality. The old adage that you pay for what you get does not apply in this instance because the quality is very good. In fact, they aspire to make sure they are not harming you or your body when you apply their products to your face. Just check out the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database to see their risk rating for their cosmetics. They rank right up there with the best of them in terms of not harming you. In fact, the most expensive ones actually rate right up their for high risk in exposing you and your body to harmful chemicals.

So, remember price isn’t everything when purchasing Lable mink Lashes false eyelashes.  You can pay $1.00 for an eyeshadow or lipstick that will contain the same ingredients and get you the same results as a $30.00 brand, and without the harmful chemicals to boot!

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