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Finding a good oil-free foundation that complements one’s existing skin complexion can be a hassle, ( eyelash vendors) but many of my friends in the cosmetics industry have been discussing Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation as a solution to this conundrum. Laura Mercier Cosmetics is a subdivision of Amway and has been producing a variety of health and beauty lines for around fifteen years. This foundation in particular claims to include ample pigmentation for isolated use on the face and can also be layered depending on the level of coverage needed. Tempted by the supposed benefits of this foundation, I decided to give it a try and report the results so naked band false lashes extension will know if and how it works.

 naked band false lashes extension
naked band false lashes extension

Since I have an even complexion for the most part, I decided to apply a layer to my entire face to see how well the foundation did in achieving a natural, unified look. Following instructions, I applied a small amount to a sponge and began to apply in an outward and downward motion, starting from the center of the face and working my way outward. Since the makeup can be layered, I used only a small amount on the first pass. As it turns out, I only needed to apply one layer as the Laura Mercier Foundation did a great job of providing a natural look with just one layer. While you can tell you are wearing naked band false lashes extension , it applies itself to the skin in a very natural way and doesn’t look artificial; I am very satisfied with how it seamlessly meshes with my face!

Now you may be wondering if there are any downsides to Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation. Most notably, there are a number of ingredients that can easily lead to clogged pores and breakouts; if you are looking for a non-comedogenic product or at least one that does minimal damage, this might not be for you. There are also pH adjusters and preservatives in the foundation that have been shown to irritate skin, but if your skin typically handles the v application process without issue then these most likely will not cause alarm. Barring these slight disadvantages, the foundation is a great solution for those looking to achieve minimal makeup application with maximum results.

How does Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation work in such a positive way? There are a few special ingredients that give it an edge in the process:

* Lecithin – helps bond the naked band false lashes extension to one’s skin without the use of oils and locks in natural skin moisture, preventing the skin and makeup from drying out over the course of the day

* Squalane – This ingredient is actually present in your body’s oil (sebum). Inert squalane is used in products such as this to provide additional moisture.

* Kaolin – Infused and combined with titanium dioxide, kaolin helps enhance UV protection

In summary, this product lived up to my expectations and then some. It is also reasonably priced, with a 0.2 oz container costing approximately $40. Do not let the size fool you; when applied properly, this container can easily last someone a year. I would recommend Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation to all of my friends and to you as well!

Still unsure about this product?

I know finding the perfect beauty product for your skin is a difficult task.

 naked band false lashes extension
naked band false lashes extension

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