Starting a Makeup Company: Tips and Advice on What It Takes To Make It

Well, here I am…back in NYC after a whirlwind three new style colorful lashes on the NE coast (New Hampshire, and two locations in Boston). Whew! ( mink eyelash vendors wholesale)

I must say, when I ventured out to create my own new style colorful lashes line five years ago, I had no idea what it would take. I knew it would be very difficult, but I had no clue HOW difficult! There are soooo many things that I didn’t even think about. After all, creating a makeup line is more than just product and packaging. That’s the easy part.

new style colorful lashes
new style colorful lashes

Where the difficult part comes in, is marketing, brand placement and recognition, advertising (how are you going to get people to find out about this fabulous brand of all natural new style colorful lashes?). Then, you have social networking, SEO (Search Engine Optimization, which has to do with getting placement on search engines like Google). On top of this, how will you promote the brand? I constantly go out and give events with existing accounts to drive sales and also to “get the word out”.

Press is another thing….unless you have a connection with a major magazine, it’s very difficult to get in them. It’s definitely a double edged sword. You need a PR company to get you in the door, but you need money for a PR company, which most young companies don’t have. aaaaaaahhhhhh!

It is a 24 hour a day job. If you don’t have the right people helping out, it won’t work. Period.

So, here I am, after a successful but long three day tour of the NE to promote and sell product. You would think that I would take the day off, but there is no such thing…after all, it is the holidays now, we are launching a new website with new products, I have a family trip on Monday, and Christmas is less than a month away… this is the life of an entrepreneur.

But, as much as I complain, I love it. We are steadily growing, and we get amazing responses from people about the product and the company.

new style colorful lashes
new style colorful lashes

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