Keep a Positive Mental Image

Fourth in the packaging lashes mink Series, this Immutable Sales Leadership Truth speaks to a sales leader’s packaging lashes mink to keep a positive mental attitude.  We are not talking about one’s inability to face reality, instead we are talking about the conversations we have within ourselves to ensure we, and our sales team, stay focused on getting results.  The economic pundits and naysayers are always around us; our job is to let their commentary slide like water running off a duck’s packaging lashes mink.

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Look we have a mission; broadly stated it is to maximize sales, revenue and profits.  If we talk the talk of doom and walk the walk of gloom we are sending lousy messages to our sales organization.  Instead let’s be thinking about ways to energize our team and keep them focused on the mission – optimizing sales packaging lashes mink to the benefit of all involved.

Sales Leadership Truths – The A, B, C’s bhhair


Avoid Self-Speak Aimed at Taking You Out of a Sale

It takes courage to face the possibility of refusal anyway; in these packaging lashes mink times that resolve is tested even further.  Where does this resolve come from?  It must be woven inside the fabric of true sales leaders – they must feel that regardless of the circumstances and situation, they must put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward -always progressing toward the goal line.  Their well-spring of resolution comes from having spent years in the trenches working with customers and prospects because they know that over time the company that continues to do the basics, including keeping a positive mental attitude, will always succeed.  In the last 20 years or so the American culture has been focused on instant gratification – including instant gratification for efforts.  We have been  seduced by the mentality of instant packaging lashes mink .  If anything, this economy has caused many of us to rethink our strategy for customer engagement.  Our experience suggests Back-to-Basics works no matter what the economic climate because the principles embedded within the  packaging lashes mink immutable and not prone to economic fluctuations.


A Few More Basics

While attending a business meeting recently, I ran into a CEO who mentioned that for the months leading up to his appointment as the chief executive, very few of his company’s products had been sold.  For the record, these are heavily capital intensive products used in factory applications, which takes packaging lashes mink coming from some source.

He seemed surprised that within the last few months sales have become very healthy. Without batting an eyelash I came up with an old chestnut, which is “The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack.”  Funny how sales improve when someone is watching and helping at the same time. My take on the situation?  The packaging lashes mink force is doing the basics again, like returning phone calls, responding to email inquires, presenting and proposing.

Sales folks may feel no one is buying, and therefore forget that a call to the customer provides valuable information about marketplace activity and that listening to the advice and counsel of the discouragement fraternities can lead you astray.  Recall the words of the late Ronald Reagan? – “Trust but verify.”  This CEO is verifying as he goes.


Here’s Our Take Away

Our self-speak now, more than ever before, needs to be “I’ve heard there’s a recession going on, but I refuse to participate.”  To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, go out and meet it.”  Wise words in today’s business climate, don’t you agree?

Don McNamara is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and is packaging lashes mink of Heritage Associates,

Heritage Associates is a full service sales management consulting, training and coaching company. Don also speaks and writes on the art and science of superior sales management and top sales performance. He is the author of “Visionary Sales Leadership.”

With over 30 years sales experience from the field level to executive sales management, in his career he has been an individual contributor, corporate sales training manager, regional manager, national sales manager and vice president of sales. Don is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, a Mentor for the University of California Paul Merage School of Business, an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University in the MBA Program and a packaging lashes mink of the Forum for Corporate Directors.

 packaging lashes mink
packaging lashes mink


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