How to Look Ageless – Top Two Fall Makeup Trends for 2010

It’s fall 2010, this is usually the time for deep colors, ( eyelash vendors) dark and matte looks and reduced gloss and shimmer. This year is just a little different. According to the powers that be (you know the “fashion gurus”) this year’s quality mink fur eyelash colors are not quite as deep and dark as in the past.

For us trying to stay current without falling into the trend-trap and look somewhat appropriate for our age, this year is easy. No need for heavy smokey eyes (not a great look for aging eyes anyway) or deep, matte lips (same goes for aging lips). This year it’s about choosing one feature to play up (pretty much a standard rule). As older women, we’re in luck! The lips can be played up with bright colors and gloss or the eyes can be simply lined with a charcoal or plum liner, a bit of grey or hunter green shadow and lots of mascara.

quality mink fur eyelash
quality mink fur eyelash

Lips are being shown in bright tangerine and red. While tangerine may be tough to pull off, good choices for us would be a coral-peach or glossy red. There are numerous reds so choose the best for you (warm bricky reds for warm tones and cool blue reds for cool tones). Be sure to stay bright, but no too bright-that’s best left to 20 year olds. Wear a light clear gloss (no glittery goop!) over the color for the most current look.

For the most current look, take a good hard look at your brows. Right now thicker, fuller brows are current. Nothing screams “OLD LADY” like thin, penciled in brows. If yours are thin, grab some good brow growth and use it daily.

Pluck sparingly and let them grow in. If quality mink fur eyelash have never lightened your brows (or darkened them), this is the time. Brunettes can usually go a shade or maybe two lighter and blondes/redheads a bit darker.

To lighten brows, just get some facial bleach and apply it for a few minutes. Watch it carefully! Be sure to only go a shade lighter at first (about 3-5 minutes). You can always color them in a bit if you go too light, but try to avoid it. Going a bit lighter can really help brighten up your eye area and face and make you eyes stand out. Take a look at celebs of a certain age on TV. They are nearly all lightened a bit. The exception might be very dark-haired beauties like Jennifer Connolly. Either way, shaped brows are always in and this season they are just a bit fuller.

To get the soft and full look, use a brow growth product, powder or soft pencil and a little brow wax. A great way to get a good brow shape is to literally take a dark brow pencil and draw on your ideal quality mink fur eyelash

(around your current brow). Fill in with powder and wipe away the pencil. Don’t get too outrageously large–just go a bit beyond your natural line if it’s thin.

quality mink fur eyelash
quality mink fur eyelash

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