How to Wear Fall 2010’s Hottest Makeup Trend

Everyone wants to know what is the hottest color to wear for Fall 2010. ( vendors wholesale) Whenever in doubt, always wear black and gray. However, those colors can get tiresome because they actually lack color! So what is the hottest color to wear for the Fall 2010 season? The answer is siberian mink lashes eyelash!

As you spice up your wardrobe with great combinations of black, grey and purple, don’t forget to update your siberian mink lashes eyelash look as well.

The best makeup tip for this season is to add purple. And here is how you wear it. Don’t go splashing purple all over your eyes: any makeup applied carelessly looks just like that: careless. The Fall 2010 hottest makeup trend is to wear a smoky eye using purple colors. Here are the steps to achieve that look:

siberian mink lashes eyelash
siberian mink lashes eyelash

1. Apply a liquid siberian mink lashes eyelash eye color to the inner corners of your eyes as well as the area just below your eyebrow. Use your fingers to pat the color on, which will help blend it in. This will highlight the correct areas of your eyes, making them “pop”, especially when you add darker colors to other areas.

2. Apply a neutral brown eye color to your entire eye – lid and below the brow. This will be a great base so when you add the purple eye color, it will blend easily and not look too harsh.

3. You will need two shades of purple, one darker than the first. The first shade is a true purple color. Apply the purple shade on the eyelid, softly blending from lashline to the crease. Then, use the darker shade, more plum in color, to accent the outer corner of the crease to the inner corner of the crease. The secret is to blend. And what is the secret to blending? Use an eye crease brush!

4. Use purple eyeliner across the base of the upper eyelash line as well as to the lower eyelash outer corner. Use the plum colored eye shadow to fill in the rest of the lower lashline, blending well and to soften the look.

5. If you’ve gone too dark with the purple eye shadow, you can lightly apply the liquid vanilla eye color to the inner corner of the eye as well as just below the brow to emphasize the highlight.

6. Finish off with at least two applications of mascara: apply to both lower lashes first, then to the upper lashes. This prevents mascara from transferring to your eyelids if you are in the habit of coating the top lashes first!

You will look so classy at work, home, or at any holiday party!

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siberian mink lashes eyelash
siberian mink lashes eyelash

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