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Makeup Trends in 2010

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Pro: Shadows of color; Cons: black and gray shadows. ( mink lash vendors) wholesale 3d mink eye lashes that emphasizes the shadow is never going out of trend but in 2010 pastel shades are recommended. Black easily remain on the bench, but it does not necessarily mean you should throw black Kohl pencil, but you can trust him along with other colors. Evening eye make-up “with a stem” is giving the impression of exotic and playful.

wholesale 3d mink eye lashes
wholesale 3d mink eye lashes

Makeup Trends 2010: Silky Eyelashes
Pro: Eyelashes as natural as possible; Cons: extremely loaded eyelashes. For more natural eyelash impression use volume mascara. However, if you love false eyelashes choose a length that does not seem ridiculous.

2010 Look: Natural wholesale 3d mink eye lashes:
Pro: foundation as natural as possible; Cons: bronze powder excess. In spring-summer 2010 natural look is the trend which inspires fresh air. To get an impression and also to fit into the makeup trends, use a foundation with a shade more natural and in small quantities, only when necessary. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin properly each time before applying foundation, especially in problem areas (the T zone) so that your skin looks fresh and young.

Pros: Blush is the trend! Cons: Goodbye, tanning to the maximum! After a deep cleaning moisturize the skin before applying foundation, use a light cream according to your type of skin. Many of us do not know how to use the make-up correctly to give a natural look, but for everything there is a beginning. For a natural look that radiates beauty, apply a little color on skin especially in the cheeks, followed by a correct distribution to look like you have not done that.

Pro 2010: It is the hottest fashion with romantic accents of the 60s-70´s in terms of hair styling, Cons: blurs the trends of previous years. If last year as a fixed cut fringe worn or tight curls, loops back to natural hairstyles 2010 romantic focus. Let your hair breathe and give it the freedom to breathe during long/night dinners. It is recommended to use products that are heat activated, and take care of your hair against thermal wholesale 3d mink eye lashes. Moreover, the products should prolong the life of dyeing hair.

wholesale 3d mink eye lashes
wholesale 3d mink eye lashes

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